Thursday, December 21, 2006

KG After AI Trade

KG was quoted saying he was, "a little bit" disappointed when asked how he felt about AI going to Denver.

He continued, "That's pretty much how it goes around here. I've learned not to put too much belief and hope in things until they're concrete and done. ... It would have been a very, very nice Christmas present."

Demand the trade already, KG. We won't blame you. The T-Wolves, the Bulls and the rest of the NBA will all be thankful... At least until they play you and the Bulls in the playoffs.


I missed picking last night as I was too busy, but here's a quick recap of Tuesday's picks.

Phoenix beats Toronto----- They covered the 13.5 point spread, but it was kinda close there. Check out the box score from this game (or last night's win at the Clippers) and you will see why John Hollinger is irritated with Toronto. These guys have no rotation and guys get starts and get benched for no apparent reason. Fire Sam Mitchell already. How many in a row is Phoenix going to win?

Bulls beat Lakers----- Bulls just pull this out in a close game. Lakers cover the spread (barely).

Record on Tuesday: 2-0
Overall: 19-17


Detroit +3 at Cleveland----- I think the best word to describe Cleveland is stagnant. Their roster is full of old and washed up players (Newble, Wesley, Damon Jones, Donyell Marshall, Scott Pollard, Eric Snow). Their leader, Lebron, is mild mannered and generally seems uninterested in dominating. No one on the team cares enough to challenge him. That being said, Lebron was spectacular in last years playoffs against the Pistons. This is the first time the two have met since then, so that could motivate Lyndon B. Johnson. Rasheed Wallace is expecting to play, and although Flip Saunders is an idiot, expect him to give Maxiell some burn backing up and playing along side Rasheed. It would be hard for him to ignore his performance in their last game. As Lebron has disappointed me much more often than he has surprised me, I will take the Pistons.

Washington +3 1/2 at Sacramento----- Kevin Martin is questionable - I interpret that as meaning there's about a 20% chance he plays. Washington is coming off what was in my opinion their worst performance of the year in a loss to Denver. In general, however, they have played pretty well of late. Gilbert Arenas gets up for games against other big name guards and small forwards or dominating teams. He has had 7 35+ point performances and only one came against a team with a starless backcourt - Indiana. He went off against Kobe, Pierce, Lebron, the Mavs, Marbury/Francis and T-Mac. So does he get up for the mediocre Kings on the road? In his last 2 games at Sacramento he has had games of 22 points on 8/17 shooting and 29 on 7/22 shooting. These numbers don't really impress me. Still, a 3 1/2 point spread for a below .500 team that is likely missing it's top scorer? I'm not convinced. More info: Washington won both games last year. When they were @ Sac they won without Arenas. They will find motivation from their last game and get their act together enough to win this one.

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