Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Picks

Golden State at Toronto (no spread)----- Golden State is 1-7 on the road. Toronto keeps winning without Bosh for some reason. I find this fact very confusing. I'd really like to pick against Toronto without Bosh, but they do have some other talent, and as Golden State can't win on the road and is generally very inconsistent, I have to pick Raptors. Blah.

Utah +2 1/2 at Indiana----- I'm kind of surprised here that Utah isn't favored. Is there something I'm missing? Ah, now I see: Indiana is 8-2 at home. Utah is 6-4 on the road with losses to Minnesota, New Jersey, the Lakers and Golden State. I can't see them losing two in a row, something that has only happened once so far this season, by losing to a team with a limping all-star and a psycho/team-killer starting at shooting guard. I don't care if they're 8-2 at home. Give me Utah.

Houston at Clippers----- This lethargic Clipper team won't do much to tire out Yao. They aren't athletic or fast enough. They are hankering for a win though. The Clippers are still 9-4 at home. And the Rockets still suck without T-Mac. Unless Bonzi breaks out, I gotta go with the Clips here. I feel like maybe there will be spread here and they just haven't posted it yet, so I'm gonna pick Clips by 4.

Seattle +6 1/2 at Detroit----- Once again since Rasheed is hurt I'm tempted to take Seattle. I took Seattle last time and they burned me. I'm gonna look at this rationally - what does Rasheed do for Detroit? He is an inside presence, rebounder and pretty much the only shot blocker left on their team, he is also their best low post player. How do teams exploit Seattle? They punish their crap front line. How does Seattle score? From the perimeter or through penetration, no post play. Rasheed won't be protecting the basket, so look for Rashard Lewis and Luke Ridnour to get in the paint. Damien Wilkins is also a good slasher. There, I've convinced myself. I think Seattle covers on this one.

Wizards +4 1/2 at Lakers----- Well those point spread people are sure over Lamar Odom's injury. Wizards have two road wins: one at New York and at post-AI Philly. Not too impressive. Kobe and the Lakers have hardly lost a step without Odom and everyone on Washington (not just the well documented Arenas), plays worse on the road. The Wiz's recent wins at NY and Philly give me no reason to believe that Kwame Brown won't use his small hands (some people's explanation for why he hasn't become a great player) to swat his old team 2,671 miles back to Washington DC (at least according to Google Maps). Kwame. KWAME. KWAME!!!

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