Saturday, December 16, 2006

picks for sunday

saturday was a bad day for me with the picks -

My wrongs:

Miami came up 1 point short of covering against the wiz.

Net's lost to the Boshless Raptors with "Air Canada" really stinking it to his old team by shooting 4/17 and scoring 12 points.

Eddy Curry mustered 6 shots the entire evening. The knicks continued to play zone despite the fact that streak shooters in Granger and Stephen Jackson were on. They got blown out by a pacers team that looks different every night.

Speedy Claxton made his first contributions of the season as the Hawks beat the Grizz.

Dallas came up 2 points short of covering their 15.5 spread.

Chicago also won without covering, despite the fact that Ben Wallace had 27 rebounds.

My rights:

Golden State was competitive with Phoenix as usual and covered the spread. Boris Diaw put up 21, 14 and 10 assists.

The Blazers beat the lost looking Clippers by 10.

Sacramento actually managed to beat Utah (this one I don't get. I wish I had watched). Sac shot only 40.5% while utah shot 46.6%, the teams were even in 3s made, even in offensive rebounds, and Utah had only 3 extra TOs, but Sac made up the difference in FG% by making their free throws. This is the first time Sac has won a game in which Kevin Martin has played 30+ minutes and shot below 40%.

And in the final game of the night, Kobe goes for 53 and his team outscores the rockets by 18 in the second half to tie the game then pulls out an 11 point victory in the second overtime by outscoring Houston 13-2. It's pretty much the same story as Houston's last game - Yao dominates (he had 35, 15 and 8 blocks), but gets tired in the end and the rockets have nowhere else to turn for scoring. Look for Van Gundy to face up to the fact that without T-Mac, he needs to have Bonzi out there. With Kirk Snyder hurt too, this might be the least athletic team to play in the NBA in the last 20 years. Bonzi is the only healthy athlete they have.

Record yesterday: 4-6
Overall record: 5-8

I'll get tomorrow's picks out in the afternoon. ESPN out. Peace to Marc Stein. Rock and roll. I am shopping for a new Plymouth Horizon. Anyone know where I can find one?

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