Thursday, December 14, 2006

More on Iverson

Paul Pierce quote on Boston getting AI: "I think it would work out with the two of us. I played with the biggest jacker in league history in Antoine Walker, didn't I? He was just jacking up shots. At least Iverson might go hit them at a higher clip and get to the free throw line."

Heat interested in AI

"A trade for Iverson, who will make about $18 million this season, would most likely have to include any two of either Antoine Walker, James Posey, Jason Williams or Udonis Haslem, and then probably include a young talent such as Dorell Wright, with a future first-round draft pick thrown in."

Riley has been quoted saying his interest in AI is similar to the interest he had in Shaq when LA made him available. He is "slobbering" at the prospect of acquiring Iverson.

Notes on yesterday's picks: Got the San Antonio blowout right. I forgot that Grant Hill always sits on the second game of back to backs. Reddick goes for 5 points on 2/6 shooting! Everyone, quick, run to your fantasy team and add him. Morrison also had a good game, actually making more than 1/2 his shots. I don't care enough to do the research, but that might be the second time this season he's done that. And Golden State came back from like 12 down to beat the Rockets. They didn't cover.

Yesterday: 1-2

Picks for tomorrow's games:

Miami +10.5 at Washington----- Okay no Wade in this game. He didn't even get on the airplane. Arenas has been lethal at home. 10.5 points is an awful lot for a team that is below .500. Maybe Antoine Walker hears Paul Pierce's chidings and actually focuses and looks for good shots. This is a tough one. Wiz don't play D, so I'm gonna go with Miami and their 10.5 points.

Knicks +6.5 at Indiana----- Knicks have been playing pretty well even though it hasn't quite equalled wins. Jared Jeffries' defense seemed to rub off on his teammates. Jermaine O'Neal has also not been so great since he got hurt last week, and I just can't see Jeff Foster doing much to stand in Eddy Curry's way. Knicks cover and probably win.

Nets at Raptors (no spread) ----- RJ is questionable. Toronto has been sucking a lot though (although they are coming off a victory against Orlando) and Kidd and Carter have been wicked in the Nets' current 2 game win streak. Remember, last year the nets started 9-12 then won 10 straight. I'm gonna say the nets' team defense does a decent job containing bosh and, they will also keep a hand in Bargnani's face if he decides to show up. I'll take the nets.

Denver -3 at Boston----- This is tough as well. Boston has played well since the AI rumor mill opened up. They have the athletes to run with Denver. I imagine Jefferson has a bad offensive game with Camby covering him and this will hurt his defensive intensity as well (he's been blocking shots like crazy). I'm gonna say JR Smith plays well after throwing up 2 in their last game and Denver wins and covers.

Seattle +7.5 at Cleveland----- Lebron has had two straight sub 40% shooting efforts. I'm not sure if he's just waiting for the old ball to come back, but he hasn't had 3 mediocre games in a row this season and I can't see Seattle's defense holding him back. Hughes is also back in the starting lineup and looks alright. Seattle has done a decent job of staying competitive without Ray Allen, so I think Lebron has a good game and Rashard Lewis does as well and the Cavs pull out the win but don't cover.

Atlanta at Memphis (no spread)----- Wow, two really bad teams, one definitely missing its best player (gasol) and the other probably missing theirs as well (joe johnson). Atlanta only has one guy who can shoot (Lue), but are the Grizzlies smart enough to just fall into a zone and watch the bricks rain down? Honestly thinking about this game bores me, but if you force me to pick a team I'll go with Memphis - they're home, they have some young guys who sometimes play well, and they probably have the best player in Mike Miller (so sad). Damon Stoudemire has also started to play okay and Chucky Atkins is alright too. Sorry for being so enthusiastic!

76ers +15!!!!! at Dallas----- Kevin Ollie led them last game with 14 points. Kevin Ollie led them last game with 14 points. Kevin Ollie led them last game with 14 points. Kevin Ollie led them last game with 14 points. Add to that the fact that tomorrow is December 15, the day when free agents signed last summer can be traded, making tomorrow the most likely day for the AI trade to go down since Monday. If that trade goes down it's likely that some other philly players are involved and will not be allowed to play. So Philly will be terrible. The only question left to ask is will Dallas come out to play? I've gotta figure that at home they will exert some kind of effort and will cover the 15!!!!! point spread.

Milwaukee +8.5 at Chicago----- Another big spread here. The nets were able to contain Redd and Chicago is an even better defensive team. They have also won 9 out of their last 10. Chicago looks really good but we have to remember here that the last 10 games Chicago has played have been against teams at or below .500. The last time they played the bucks, november 6, milwaukee was as healthy as they are now and the bulls won by 25. I gotta go with Chicago here.

Sacramento +7.5 at Utah----- Utah's playing well again after a little slip. Deron tied his career high in points last game. Boozer was also dominant. Bibby sucks on D and ain't gonna do much to stop Deron, but Kevin Martin had a good game against Golden State and if Matt Barnes hadn't gone nuts it would have been close. You also could see Artest on Deron. I'm gonna say K-Mart comes out with Derek Fisher on him and has another nice game and the Kings cover and lose... something similar to their 98-100 loss at San Antonio.

Golden State +10 at Phoenix----- This one is easy. Golden State has played tough against Phoenix dating back to last year. Barring losing players in an AI trade, they should cover the 10 points.

Clips at Portland (no line yet)----- Clippers are trying to make Livingston into a contributor now. Cassell's minutes are way down and now he's just plain out with plantar fasciatis. He's the leader of this team. It wasn't until he arrived that they became good. Portland will win this one - I'll take them even if they have up to a -3.5 spread.

Houston at Lakers (no line yet)----- Houston almost snuck by Golden State. Yao still gets tired, especially when T-Mac is out, and Houston has no other impact players unless Bonzi goes retro. I'll take the Lakers, even without Odom, by 4.5 points.

That's a lot of games!

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